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From left, Daniel Kobei, Samrawit Gougsa and Samuel Salaton, gather around a map of the cultural centre.

Our Research Approach

Land Body Ecologies is a research group that centres transdisciplinary approaches to research mental health and its intersections with environmental health. We bridge academic research and advocacy through creative approaches and artistic expressions exploring ecosystem health and mental health. Our use of design research, storytelling and artistic approaches allow us to deeply explore human experiences and relationships with the natural world as an alternative to the current dominant, data-driven discourses.

Photo Gallery of Research

Publications from our collaborators

Ayesha Ahmad, Researcher trauma: when our stories collide, The Lancet

Kaisa Kerätär, Artbreak, Survival Stories 

Outi Autti, Journal of Interdisciplinary History: The Recognition of War Refugees 


Ilan Kelman, Psychology Today: Beyond Eco-Anxiety: Land Body Ecologies;

​​Ahmad, A., V. Pratt, and S. Gougsa. 2022. “Where is the land and indigenous knowledge in understanding land trauma and land based violence in climate change?” BMJ, vol. 379, article o2790.

Samrawit Gougsa,  Victoria Pratt, Babitha George, Cecilia Vilela, Daniel Kobei, Sylvia Kokunda, Ilan Kelman, Ben Eaton, Lilian Maina, Samson Luari, Outi Autti, Kaisa Kerätär, Jenni Laiti, Catherine Baxendale, Romit Raj, Reema Deshpande, Riya Gokharu, Neha Singh, Sheila Ghelani, Nqatyiswa Mendu, Ayesha Ahmad, Land Body Ecologies research group. 2023. Land Body Ecologies: A case study for global transdisciplinary collaboration at the intersections of environment and mental health  

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