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Land Body Ecologies Podcast

A six-episode podcast series sharing stories of Solastalgia from land-dependent and indigenous communities affected by environmental change.

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Following the annual reindeer corral, this episode tells a story of several losses:

A70D1C24-9DE4-499A-9DB3-D36F96BEA7EF (1).jpg

Close-up of reindeer during recording of podcast. © Carl-Johan Utsi.

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A story of the Pgak’yau (Karen) community speaks to listeners about slowing down for the earth.


Recording discussion with Elder Joni Odochao and his son, Siwakorn Odochao © Invisible Flock.

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The Free River tells the story of Kemijoki, Finland’s longest river that cuts across...

Podcast Image3 small.jpg

Land Body Ecologies team members recording sounds of the hydropower station that sits on the river Kemi, Finland, 2022. © Invisible Flock.

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In Honey, we explore the Mau Forest in the Rift Valley, Kenya where the populations of honeybees...


Sanare Leboo harvesting honey. 2022 © Ogiek People's Development Program.



Webby Awards: Honoree in Podcasts - Documentary Category

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