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22 – 25 June 2023
A free 4-day festival held in the Wellcome Collection exploring the deep connections between mental health and ecosystem health. Performances, food, workshops, music, films, talks and more were held to ceate a sensory, communal, and reflective sharing as the culmination of two years of exploration as part of our research residency in the Hub.
The programme was created by our network across the Arctic, India, Kenya, Thailand, Uganda and the UK. 
Produced by Unbox Cultural Futures and Invisible Flock.
What Next?
During the festival, we were collectively asked many questions by audiences on "what's next". Here are some of reflections from socially-engaged arts and culture manager Jessica Sim, who kept a written documentation of the festival:

Where is this research leading to? What next? I heard the question repeatedly asked, ‘what next’, and ‘what are you going to “do” with this research’?

Jenni Laiti was asked by an audience member,
Where do you go from here?’

She responded to say, I am standing at the entrance to the new world’.

How do we ask this question without placing blame on the researchers for not doing enough? And without creating a power dynamic of the audience versus the researchers or artists or presenters? Where else will this research lead also, the researchers?
Festival Highlights
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